The same wavelength

We tell a story of community, alliance and common interest. Surfing builds bonds held together by the passion for the sport and our team is no different. From different walks of life, we all share a common goal - to pursue our dream of surfing.

Each member of our small and selected team form forms an integral part in the development and improvement of our products. The board you end up riding is formed by their expert opinions, experiences and stories.

A growing family united by a common cause, this is what our team is all about. We are proud to support our riders as they progress and elevate themselves and the sport at the same time.

Our riders

Image of Kathi Gappmayr, Delight Alliance Team Member

Kathi Gappmayr

The Legend | Kathl started river surfing when most of the kids surfing Eisbach today weren't even born. She has won the European Championship consecutively more than anyone else, as well as River Riot and other contests. Coming from a strong snowboarding background she has a true river surfing style. Nowadays she’s more of a freesurfer than a contest rider. Kathl is one of the best, not only on artificial waves but also on open river waves.

Born: 198??
City: Hallein
Homespot: Kuchl
Board: Fluky Bastard, HooDoo Swallow

Sponsors: Delight Alliance, Brick Beanies

Image of Jose Querevalu, Delight Alliance Team Member

Jose Querevalu

Ocean meets Eisbach | Ocean meets Eisbach

Born: 2003
City: Munich
Homespot: Cabo Blanco - Perú
Board: Stash, Psychedelic Slammer

Sponsors: Delight Alliance, ...

Image of Lenny Weinhold, Delight Alliance Team Member

Lenny Weinhold

The Grom | One of the most talented river surfers you are likely to see. You’re in for a treat if you catch him tearing up Eisbach hitting his BS Reverse, to name just one. This kid is ripping big time. At his young age he has already won a European Championship and is a hot contender on the Rapid Surf League. His stoke for surfing is comparable to a Duracell Bunny on speed.

Born: 2001
City: Munich
Homespot: Eisbach
Board: Stash

Sponsors: Delight Alliance Surfboards, Santo Loco, Rip Curl, CityWave, Wavetours, Jam Traction

Image of Martin Oberleitner, Delight Alliance Team Member

Martin Oberleitner

The Austrian | One of the best open river wave surfers in Europe. Winning the Crown of the Traun with pure style. Recently started working at "the river wave" he will be one to watch out for.

Born: 1993
City: Seewalchen am Attersee
Homespot: Ischl, The.Riverwave
Board: Stash, HooDooSwallow, HooDoo

Image of Janina Zeitler, Delight Alliance Team Member

Janina Zeitler

The Pro | One of the best stationary wave surfers in the world. Winning several titles in European Championships and the Rapid Surf League. She’s not leaving any cookies behind. She is in it to win it.

Born: 2000
City: Munich
Homespot: Eisbach
Board: Stash

Sponsors: Delight Alliance, Santo Loco, Ripcurl, Dakineshop, Puresurfcamps, Shishaclothing, Citywave, Jochen Schweizer Arena

Our shapers

Image of Gerwin Andreas, Delight Alliance Team Member

Gerwin Andreas

The Shaper | The guy behind Delight Alliance Surfboards. Developing the shapes in close connection with the team riders, building boards, testing materials and always trying to build the best board for the riders. No bullshit, just essentials.

Born: 1987
City: Salzburg
Homespot: Alm
Board: Stash, HooDoo Swallow

Image of Tom Felber, Delight Alliance Team Member

Tom Felber

The Shaper #1.1 | The man in the shadows, doing most of the really hard work! Always working to get the boards ready as fast as he can, whilst thinking of ways we can make the boards even better for our customers. This guys passion for what he does goes above and beyond.

Born: 1996
City: Salzburg
Homespot: Alm
Board: Fluky Bastard