All our shapes are developed in close cooperation with our team riders. Developing boards for waves around the world. Our ocean shapes are also designed to suit land locked surfers. River surfers have great riding technique, however the use for paddling isn’t always needed.. Which can mean paddling isn't always second nature. Through intelligent designs we compensate this, minimising the paddle effort, whilst maximizing riding fun.
To ensure the best quality surfboards we use a 3-Axes CNC Shaping Machine especially built for cutting surfboards. Incredibly precise and able to cut surfboards up to 9'0".
To ensure the maximum stability we put our boards in a temperbox. A heated box to post cure the resin, achieving the maximum performance out of the resin. Increasing the strength & impact resistance of the surfboard.

Classic Line Boards

The Classic Line Boards are our well known and tested River Surf Shapes for a fair price. All Boards are made with state of the art Materials like PU Foam, Polyester Resin and FCSII Plugs. Made in France.

Premium Line Boards

All Premium Line Boards are made with the best available materials on the market. We only use Epoxy Resin and Hexel 4 & 6Oz. Glasfibre. This line is made to last. On averidge the boards last at least 3x longer than a board made in stadard industry construction. All Premium Line Boards are produced in our Production Line in Austria using temperature and moisture controlled rooms and a temperbox to get the most out of the materials. We use HD-Rail Technology and FixPlugs to ensure your board is suitable for any river, pool wave or the most angry airport employees.

HD Rails

HD-Rails are specially developed with a Polypropylene fibre reinforced rail, which prevent dings from occuring. Using this rail technology the board lasts up to three times longer than a board without. Perfect for surfing river waves surrounded by concrete or stones, and even more so when traveling with careless airlines.

Fix Plugs

"FixPlug" are special reinforced FCS X2 Plugs, which decrease the chances of a broken finplug. Perfect for surfing shallow reef breaks and river waves with spoiler technology, or with lots of stones around. We only use original FCS plugs for all our boards.


By only using the best materials on the market we try to ensure that we produce the best and most durable high performance boards around;
Using Epoxy Resin;- more durable and much more stable than Polyester Resin.
Original FCS Plugs
Polyurethane foam (which does not absorb water).

We are constantly testing and on the hunt for new materials, so stay tuned for more.