All our shapes are developed in close cooperation with our team riders, developing boards for waves around the world. Our ocean shapes are also designed to suit land-locked surfers.
To ensure the best quality surfboards we use a 3-Axes CNC Shaping Machine especially built for cutting surfboards, incredibly precise and able to cut surfboards up to 9'0". To ensure the maximum durability we are constantly testing materials and the compositions of materials to increasing the strength & impact resistance of the surfboard.

Classic Line Boards

The 'Classic Line Boards' are our well known and tested river surf shapes for a fair price. All boards are made with state of the art materials like PU foam, polyester resin and FCSII plugs. Classic Line Boards are currently unavailble... To be continued

Premium Line Boards

All 'Premium Line Boards' are made with the best available materials on the market, we only use epoxy resin and Hexel 4Oz. glassfibre, this product line is built to last. On average our boards last at least 3x longer than your standard industry board. All 'Premium Line Boards' are produced with our HD-Rail Technology and FCS II FixPlugs to ensure your board is suitable for any river, ocean, pool wave or the most angry airport employees.

HD Rails

Surfing on a river with concrete or other hard surfaces around we had to find something to ensure the rails last longer then normal. We started testing a lot of different materials, fist we tried stiff and hard materials like carbon, this would do the job to a certain point but would make the board super stiff and change the flex of the board. After countless of tests we found the right Material. The HD-Rails are especially developed with a polypropylene fibre reinforced rail, which prevent dings from occuring. Using this rail technology the board lasts up to three times longer than a board without. Perfect for surfing river waves surrounded by concrete or stones, and even more so, when traveling with careless airlines.

Fix Plugs

Almost every open riverwave and artificial rapid surfing wave has shallow sections, or a spoiler technology. This is why we started reinforcing the fin plugs. First we only used a high density foam which worked well, however over the years we have learned to reinforce the reinforcement, creating the current 'FixPlug'. A high density foam in the right areas, paired with glasfibre. Using FCS II Plugs, gives us the advantage to use FCS dual tap fins, as well as FCS II Fins for higher performance situations. FCS II Plugs come without adapter screws. Perfect for surfing shallow reef breaks and river waves with spoiler technology, or with lots of stones around. We only use original FCS plugs for all our boards.


By only using the best materials on the market we try to ensure that we produce the best and most durable high performance boards around;
There is more epoxy resins than fish in the sea, we found the best one to suit our needs. The epoxy resin that we use is far more durable than polyester resin, whilst still staying flexible to ensure a natural flex pattern in the board.

Your fins connect your board with the water, if the plugs aren't right, this conection is not ideal. This is why we only use original FCS Plugs. These plugs give us the advantage of a wide selection of fins, as well as being very durable.

Usually Epoxy Resin is paired with EPS Foam, however most EPS foams absorb water and create a very stiff board. We have chosen Polyurethane foam as it does not absorb water. Giving us the advantage of a more durable, non water absorbing board with a natural flex pattern.

We are constantly testing and on the hunt for new materials, so stay tuned for more.