Made in the Alps

We are (river) surfers and live the dream. We shape surfboards in the middle of the Alps. Our vision is to bring the best surfboards on the market, not only by using the best materials available. But also by using the best team and their knowledge to build shapes that are perfect for every single standing wave and ocean surfboards that are perfect for river surfers.

Custom Line Surfboards are developed and produced in Salzburg, Austria. Our Premium Line surfboards are developed in Salzburg and mostly produced in our partner factory in France. We also try to push river surfing as far as possible. We need more waves. Let's make our rivers great again! In short, Delight Alliance shapes surfboards designed for river and ocean surfing. But we don't just test and develop standard shapes, we also produce customized boards and designs.

Our story


2023 was an exciting year with a few obstacles along the way. Gerwin, one of our shapers, joined the Surf Talk Podcast as host of "Beyond the Beach". Lenny went on a road trip through Indonesia and Australia. We welcomed South African Jacob to the team and together with him and the rest of the team we developed "The Blue Pill". Lenny and Gerwin also worked hard on a new board called 'Wildcat' for bigger waves. With the Surf Talk crew, we have started to update our Ocean Line to offer an even better surfing experience. Many new shapes will be launched in 2024. Stay hungry!


New waves are being built all over Europe and we are working hard to keep up with the demand for surfboards. We develop the FCS II FixPlugs and set up our partner workshop in France. The store is growing and thriving. 2023 will be the first year with a fully-fledged store.


Surfing is booming and our small factory is working non-stop on the production of boards. The Delihgt Alliance Shaper family is growing, as is the store. Cyril & Lena join the team.


The Delight Alliance 'Classic Line' the best river surf shapes in a classic construction. Lenny is injured at 'die Boot' and has to have knee surgery. Janina wins the contest at the 'Boot'. Local hero Niki from Salzburg joins the team.


Lenny wins the very first Citywave Pro Tour stop in Israel. Janina wins the first ever German Championships and Lenny comes third. Luki's movie 'Out Of The Ordinary' is released in cinemas. Jose joins the team, a 16-year-old surfer from Perué who lives in Munich. Lenny and Janina shake up the 'rapid surf league' and the 'citywave pro tour' with a total of 13 podium places in various competitions.


A year full of competitions, with the shapes getting even better with the new machine. The first contest of the year was the "Krone der Traun". Local Max Neuböck secured the title, 2nd Martin Oberleitner and 3rd Lenny Weinhold. All three on Delight Alliance surfboards! The Rapid Surf League is taking place for the first time. Janina won both tour stops and the overall victory, Lenny came 3rd in the overall standings. A total of 6 podium places for the Delight Alliance team.


Delight Alliance goes to the movies with Lukas' new short film, FarAway. The old CNC machine is decommissioned to make way for a new, larger machine. Now we can build surfboards up to 9 feet long.


The workshop is enlarged and a new glazing room is added. The office is moved one floor higher to make room for a new extraction and vacuum system. Lukas wins the "Crown of the Train" again and takes 7th place in the European Masters. Kathi achieves 4th place and our newest member Janina secures 1st place in the women's races. Lenni is the first European at the Junior European Championships. Our new HD Rails 2.0 are released.


Lukas takes part in his first river surf instructor course. New team members Steve Ratzisberger and young gun Lenni Weinhold join the family. Lukas wins the "Crown of the Traun" in Ebensee and the "River Riot" in Bratislava. Kathi takes another 3rd place at the Airport Wave. Steve Ratzisberger and Lukas Haigermoser both make it to the quarter-finals, but unfortunately do not progress. Lukas achieves 18.3 out of a possible 20 points in the 3rd round.


In 2014, Gerwin Andreas takes the helm at Delight Alliance and relocates the company and production to a new workshop in Salzburg. Team rider Kathi wins 3rd place at the Airport Wave in Munich, while Lukas takes 7th place in the qualifying heat. Unfortunately, he was knocked out of his heat by last year's winner Tao Schirmacher and surf legend Shane Baschen.


Our first European Championship title follows with our first team rider Kathi Gappmaier. Lukas Haigermoser follows a short time later. Team rider Kathi Gappmaier defends her 2013 European Championship title.


Delight Alliance Surfboards is a river surfboard label that was founded in the middle of the Alps. In 2007 Dominik Hipp, alias Hr.Bayer, started building surfboards specifically for river surfing. At some point, after all his boards were damaged on the rocks, he invented the HD Rails technology. HD Rails are aramid and Kevlar reinforced rails that effectively triple the life expectancy of the surfboards we make.

Our achievements


Years of experience
Delight Alliance Surfboards
Est. 2007


Podium places
Rapid Surf League 2018/19


Podium places
Citywave Pro Tour 2019


1st place
The Bood Invitional Düsseldorf


Top 7
Men's European Championships
Stationary surfing


1st place
Women's European Championships
Stationary surfing


1st place
National championships
Stationary surfing


1st place
Crown of the Traun Austria

Our moving story