Same wavelength

We tell a story of community, connection and shared interests. Surfing brings people together through a passion for the sport, and our team is no different. We come from different walks of life and all share a common goal - to pursue our dream of surfing.

Each member of our small and select team is an integral part of developing and improving our products. The board you end up riding is created through their expert opinions, experiences and stories, and our team is a growing family united by a common cause. We pride ourselves on helping our riders progress while improving themselves and the sport.

Our riders

Lenny Weinhold

The Machine | One of the most talented river surfers you'll ever see. You're in for a treat when you catch him ripping up the Eisbach and hitting his BS reverse, just to name one. This kid is a true ripper. At his young age, he has already won a European Championship and is a hot contender in the Rapid Surf League. His enthusiasm for surfing is comparable to a Duracell bunny on speed.

Geburtsjahr: 2001

Stadt: Munich

Homespot: Eisbach

Board: Stash, Katana

Sponsoren: Delight Alliance Surfboards, Santo Loco, Rip Curl, CityWave, Jam Traction, Jochen Schweizer Arena

Niki Sandhoff

Salzburgs Sweetheart | Salzburg is back on the map. Niki Sandhoff is a young, very talented surfer who grew up on the Alm. His motivation for this sport goes far beyond that. He spends so much time on the wave that some would say he lives there.

Geburtsjahr: 2004

Stadt: Salzburg

Homespot: Alm

Board: Stash, Fluky Bastard

Sponsoren: Delight Alliance Surfboards, Blue Tomato, Rebel Fins, Quiksilver

Jacob Mellish

The Coach |



Board: The Blue Pill

William Walther

Eisbach Grom | The one to watch! William ist einer der Surfer am Eisbach, der das Limit pushed. Seine 360 Shove Its sind bekannt, aber der Junge hat noch viel mehr drauf.


Stadt: München

Homespot: Eisbach

Board: Wildcat

Sponsoren: Delight Alliance Surfboards

Ina Schorr


Geburtsjahr: 2005

Stadt: München

Homespot: Eisbach/Flosslände

Board: Wildcat, Stash

Sponsoren: Delight Alliance Surfboards, Rebel Fins

Kathi Gappmayr

The Legend | Kathl started river surfing when most of the kids who surf on the Eisbach today weren't even born yet. She has won the European Championships more times than anyone else in a row, as well as the River Riot and other competitions. With her strong snowboarding background, she has a real river surfing style. These days she is more of a freesurfer than a contest rider. Kathl is one of the best, not only on artificial waves but also on open river waves.

Geburtsjahr: 198??

Stadt: Hallein

Homespot: Kuchl

Board: Fluky Bastard, HooDoo Swallow

Sponsoren: Delight Alliance, Brick Beanies

Lena Krupitz

The Riverwave Local | Lena is a Salzkammergut local who grew up with some of the best open river wave spots. She is also part of the local scene at "The Riverwave" in Ebensee. She took first place at the Riverwave Open in 2022.

Geburtsjahr: 2001

Stadt: Bad Ischl

Homespot: The Riverwave

Board: Stash

Sponsoren: Delight Alliance, ION

Cyrill Deutsch

Vienna Calling |

Geburtsjahr: 2006

Stadt: Vienna

Homespot: Citywave Vienna

Board: Katana

Sponsoren: Delight Alliance, Eisbachriders

Our shapers

Gerwin Andreas

The Shaper | The man behind Delight Alliance Surfboards. Develops the shapes in close collaboration with the team riders, builds boards, tests materials and always tries to build the best board for the riders. He splits his time between the workshop and the office. No bullshit, just the essentials.

Geburtsjahr: 1987

Stadt: Salzburg

Homespot: Alm, The Riverwave

Board: Stash, Katana, Fish, ... love them all!!!


The Boardbuilder | The man behind the scenes who does the really hard work! He is always working to get the boards ready as quickly as possible, while at the same time thinking about how we can make the boards even better for our customers. This man's passion for what he does goes far beyond that.

Geburtsjahr: 1993

Stadt: New Zealand

Board: Mini Driver, Fish


The Boardbuilder | Together with Nathan, Paulo does most of the work in the workshop, shaping, glazing, doing everything to perfect the surfboards.

Geburtsjahr: 1986

Stadt: Portugal / South Africa

Homespot: Ponta do Ouro, Mozambique

Board: HooDoo Swallow, Fish