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Wildcat - High Performance Shortboard
With its unique shape, the Wildcat enables effortless rail-to-rail transitions and carves. This board is perfect for surfers who prefer narrower models and prioritize control. This high-performance shortboard provides you with effortless rail-to-rail transitions and spectacular carves while delivering the control and stability you need. Also this board provides enough pop and stability for your air game.
The 'Wildcat' is available in our premium construction, featuring HD rails and FCS II FixPlugs, making it ideal for standing river waves. Surfs best at fast and medium-flowing rapid waves. (Eisbach, Ebensee, all Citywaves & Unitsurfpools)


Mit HD-Rails und FixPlugs FCS II

(Achtung Schrauben zum befestigen von dual tab Finnen sind nicht enthalten) 

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Wildcat Premium Line
Wildcat Premium Line
Wildcat Premium Line
Wildcat Premium Line


  • Mega boards with a beautiful design. The advice and sales were excellent. Would buy here again and again. 🤙🏽

    Florian W.
  • I treated myself to the 5.5 Stash and took it straight to the Wakeparadise in Milan. The board is really super fast, maneuverable and easy to ride on the rail. It was my first time on a foreign wave and after the third attempt I got the 360. Many thanks for the excellent advice.

    Robert M.
  • Good advice, very pleasant atmosphere and, above all, super boards. Hoodoo Swallow 5.8 fast, agile and relaxed at the same time...

    David R.
  • Super nice, great advice, super boards. Gerwin even came to the store especially for me at 6:45 to hand me the board (with fresh coffee!). Thank you!

    Patrick B.
  • Super quality! I've had my board for 5 years and it's still going strong!

    Christoph A.
  • one of the best riverboards on the market! Good shapes, quality and very good customer support! It's definitely not the last board...

    Dennis S.
  • Honest advice, great product!

    Vincenz P.
  • The best river surfboards you can get

    Philipp G.
  • Nothing but good things to say about my boards and the service I have received! I now have 3 boards from Delight and they are all epic! I wouldn't go anywhere else! 👌

    Nathan H.
  • Delight Alliance offers perfect surfboards for all types of river waves/city waves. They have the right shape for every type of surfer and are extremely durable. Super happy with my Stash 5'7"!!!

    M O
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